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After weeks of lockdown, surely the thought uppermost in everyone’s mind is holiday?

With getting on a plane an option for only the foolhardy, what else is available? I suspect you’ve had your fill of green space and seaside so how about a holiday that gives you everything you’ve missed?

With financial pressure a reality for most but the need for total luxury a necessity, we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for.

The Stables, Chester combine a luxury apartment in an ideal location to get back up to speed with all the things you love. Whether that’s some glamorous fun at Chester races, boutique shopping at it’s best, or taking the kids to Chester Zoo, all within a few minutes… And if you really wanted to feel special, you could always book our luxury stay that includes a chauffeur at your beck and call, champagne and a fridge full of goodies.  A guaranteed hit to get your love-like back on track.

With most of this within walking distance it may be difficult to leave the outside hot tub (yes, we even have hot tubs) and that cold bottle of champagne with your name on it.

Maybe 3 nights is enough to have you feeling more like you again; maybe you’re at a point when only 7 nights will have you ready to take on the world.

Whatever you need to have the perfect recharge and press the reset button, I promise you… a stay at the stables will deliver, and more.



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